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WINTER 2013 – 2014

Friday, November 15th, 2013

OMP is now a traveling community cinema visiting village halls and other small venues around the Okehampton and Dartmoor area. This means that we no longer control the programme and screen films chosen by the communities that we visit. Often we will be booked for a date with the film title still to be decided. Anyhow; Here are some of the venues we will be visiting this winter and where we have the information we have included some information about the film. If we are at a venue near you, don’t worry about the title, come along anyway, the film you see can be a surprise and the halls don’t charge half as much as a multiplex that you would have to drive to.


On DECEMBER 11th we are at Zeal Monachorum showing


You might have heard of it by its American title “Unfinished Song” This is a multi-award  winning comedy drama (that’s proper European awards, not just Oscars) staring Terrence Stamp, Vaness Redgrave, Christopher Ecclestone and Gemma Arterton. It is made by the production team behind “Quartet” and has a similar musical theme.



On JANUARY 8th we are back at Zeal Monochorum Title to be decided. The audience at Decmber’s screening will have some requests.




On JANUARY 18th we are in Chagford showing Tony Hawkes’ new film;


As with his previous film “Around Ireland With A Fridge” It all starts with  a wager.  Writer and broadcaster Tony  bets his friend, comedian and fellow broadcaster Arthur Smith, that he can beat the Moldovan national football team at tennis, and sets off to Europe’s poorest country to prove it.



On FEBRUARY 12th Zeal Monachorum again but we will have to wait until after January’s screening to know what we will be showing
On FEBRUARY 14th we are returning to Northlew Victory Hall for the first time in a few years. Title to be decided.
On FEBRUARY 15th we are off to Calstock. We are not sure at this stage whether we are in the arts centre (old chapel half way up the hill) or the Hall (Bottom of the hill by the river) again the title is to be decided.
MARCH 12 is Zeal Monachorum again. If you want a say in what film will be shown get along to January’s and February’s screenings and  take a look at the committee’s short list.
We will put up more details as we get them and the venues will have posters up nearer the time. Village Hall cinema is more than just a movie night. It is joining in with a local event, being a part of your community, meeting your neighbours and sitting in the dark not speaking to them.